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What We Offer Instructors


Free to Join. Never Pay Membership Fees… Ever!

“All-Inclusive Firearms Training” will setup and handle all of our the following services… Leaving you to concentrate on your instructions, and growing your business. We will handle the rest.

Our commission will be small 10% of the instruction lesson price which you set. You will retain Full Control of the set price amount, time and date of your instruction classes.

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You are paid Instantly upon transaction from the client, via a method of your choosing. We instantly transfer funds to your Checking/Savings account, ACH Debit, or PayPal account. We cover all transaction fees charged by Credit Card companies and the Banks.

All payments are entirely secured by Stripe.com, no CC data or personal information is ever stored on our servers. All transactions are completed via a secure off-site server.

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“Bridging the Divide Between Instructor and Client”

By Joining – We Provide the Following to You…

  • We Create a Custom Website Store for You.
  • Your Store Webpage is Customized per Information You Provide, With Your Photos, How You Want It!
  • Your Very Own Website URL Address
  • We Advertise Your Store using Our Resources.
  • Instant Customer Support for Schedule Changes & Updates, Vacations, Reservations, etc.
  • We Provide You With an Initial Order of Safety Glasses to Provide to Your Customers.

  • Funds are Transferred Immediately to you upon customer purchase, by a method of your choosing.
  • We Manage all Client’s Payments and processing fees.
  • We Instantly Send Funds to You via Checking/Savings account, or PayPal
  • You Get a Login, and Can Check your Transaction History, Print or Download Reports at any time.
  • We Handle all Tax Paperwork, and Send You a 1099-MISC at years end
  • As we grow, so will your benefits

  • We send you and client reminders of lesson reservation time and date.
  • Reminder’s are automatically sent days before the lesson to you and the client
  • Provide your Clients into a Seamless Tracking System Based on Location and Client’s Needs
  • Our Search Function Will Bring the Customers to You!
  • A 10% commission is based upon the lesson price you set, and can easily be passed onto the client.
  • With No Risk, No Cost To You…

No Risk, Only Reward. We Get You Clients! Never Pay Membership Fees Again!

“…the ultimate authority, wherever the derivative may be found, resides in the people alone…”

– James Madison, Federalist No. 46, (January 29, 1788)

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All-Inclusive Firearms Training
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