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*Note: All Information herein is for informational purposes. Always consult a legal representative for current and legal guidance.

Ammunition Education Center

Learn the differences in ammunition and what the different acronyms mean.

Keep your Firearms Safe in Your Household

Safety when handling and storing firearms in your house is a necessity. Always have a plan for storing your guns in a safe manner… Your families safety should always be your prime concern.

Know Your State Laws

Learning your local state gun laws are vital to the protection and safety of your firearms and future. Know your laws, know your rights!

How to Become a Firearms Instructor

Learn how to earn extra income and expand safety by becoming a certified Firearms Instructor and Educator.

Contacting your Local Representative on Speaking for Your Rights

If you believe you need to voice your opinion, do so… It is your Right!

Insurance (How to Obtain It, and Why You Need It)

Having insurance for your business or individual self, whether as an Instructor, a Gun Store Owner, or a Gun Owner… Insurance is one of the most important ways to protect your future and your business.

Purchasing Your First Firearm

Some helpful tips and hints on purchasing your first firearm. Be prepared, be ready.

Become a Firearms Instructor with FSTG

Joining Firearms Safety & Training Group, LLC can launch your platform onto the worlds stage. Education in Firearms Safety is our goal, and we will assist you in connecting your customers to your business.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions your may have. The link below will send you to our Form for becoming an instructor on our site. By doing so, we will create a store for you, based upon your lessons and products.

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